Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions:

My images aren’t uploading to the competition website, what should I do?

If you are having a problem uploading your images please try one of the following solutions:

  • All images need to be at least 900 pixels wide on all sides. Please up the dpi to around 155 if your image is smaller than this. You will be unable to upload images to the website if images are smaller than 900 pixels.
  • Each individual image must be no larger than 2MB.
  • Please keep the ‘Ready To Enter Button’ at ‘No’ until all your images have been uploaded. Once your images have been uploaded please then go to the ‘Ready To Enter’ button and select ‘Yes’.

I’m still having trouble with my entry, what should I do?

Don’t panic! If you’re still having trouble uploading your images you can try re-registering with a different email address and new username. Make sure you follow the instructions above carefully. If you’re still have problems uploading, get in touch.

How can I enter the competition?

We are accepting online entries in the format specified in the instructions only. Please do not send your entry in the post.

Is there an entry fee?

Yes. Entries cost £25. There is a reduced fee of £15 for students. If you are a student, you will be asked to provide the name of your school or college. Payment is made via Paypal.

When is the closing date?

The closing date is 9am GMT on 18th January 2016. Late entries will not be accepted.

When will I find out who has won?

Judging will take place during January and the winner will be announced at our awards night in February. Only entrants who have been longlisted will be notified.

What happens if my entry is longlisted?

We’ll ask you to provide high resolution copies of your work and a brief biographical note so that your entry can be included in the longlist exhibition in February 2016. All longlisted entrants will be invited to attend the awards evening – date TBC soon.

What happens if my entry is shortlisted?

The shortlist and winner will be announced at the awards evening.

What happens if I win?

The winner of The Book Illustration Competition 2016 will be asked to provide a total of 9 illustrations for the final book, as well as a binding design, and must agree to complete the commission within the given deadline  – this year, the end of April 2016.

Will you be displaying entries in the gallery or posting them online?

The longlist of 25 will be on display at House of Illustration in February. We will show the entries from the winner and runners-up online after they have been publicly announced.

Can I change one of my images after I have submitted my entry?

No, once you have submitted your entry, no changes can be made.

Should my illustrations be in colour or black and white?

It doesn’t matter – it’s completely up to you.

Should my illustrations be portrait or landscape?

All your images must be portrait.

Where can I buy a copy of the winning book?

Folio books are available online, at the Folio Bookshop in Holborn, Central London, or via Folio catalogue mailings.

Why do I need to include a text caption?

The caption is so we know exactly what section from the book  is being illustrated and how well it portrays the scene. It is a reference for the judging and later the commissioning process. In the final book it appears in the list of illustrations at the front of the book. It will not be placed on, opposite or under the illustration and should not be included in the illustration but as a reference as we have asked for it on the website.

Where will the illustrations be placed in the book?

The Folio Society will position the illustration in the final book as closely as possible to the quote that is being illustrated but not necessarily exactly opposite. This will depend on the setting and as Folio binds in 16pp sections and usually use wraps of illustration paper, so are restricted by this.

Are multiple entries per illustrator allowed?

Only one entry per person is allowed.

Are entries from outside the UK allowed?

Yes – entries are welcome from anywhere in the world.

What medium should I use for my illustrations?

You can use any medium that is suitable for reproduction. If you look on the ‘How To Enter’ section of the website, and click on the ‘The Illustrations’ link, you’ll get a PDF with more details.

Can I post my entry on to my own website/blog?


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